Manifestations of Identity

The lived reality of palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Auteur : KHALIDI (M. Ali)
Collection : Institut Français du Proche-Orient, CCO
Tome : 24
ISBN : 978-9953-453-35-4
Prix : 15 €


Coédition IFPO/IPS. Beyrouth, 2010, XIV-145 p.
Poids : 241
Lieu de parution : Beyrouth
Année de parution : 2010
Reliure : broché
Pages : 159


Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are often discussed in sensationalist or objectified terms in the context of various crises. The essays collected in this volume attempt to look beyond the crises, undertaking to examine the lived reality of palestinians in Lebanon and the variety of ways in which they manifest their Palestinian identity. How do they perceive themselves? What forms does their Palestinian identity take and in what ways has it been influenced by their host environment? How do their practices of Palestinian-ness affect or interact with their surroundings? How has their status in Lebanon changed in the six decades since their displacement by Israel? In what ways are they rendered invisible by the Lebanese authorities and Lebanese society at largé How is this invisibility related to the status of other Palestinian communities both inside and outside Palestiné How do they view the prospect of their return to Palestiné These essays liscuss numerous aspects of Palestinian life in lebanon, from the urbanization of the refugee camps to the self-perception of young people. They also consider various forms of Palestinian identity-making, from marriage to rap music.


Acknowledgments —
A Note on Transliteration —
Notes on Contributors —
M. Ali Khalidi and D. Riskedahl, The Lived Reality of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon —
J. Sfeir, Palestinians in Lebanon : The Birth of the "Enemy Within" —
R. Afifi and M. El Shareef, How Do Palestinian Youth in the Diaspora Self Identify? The Case of Burj al-Barajneh Camp in Lebanon —
S. Hanafi, Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon : Laboratory of Indocile Identity Formation —
M. Kamel Doral, From Camp Dwellers to Urban Refugees? Urbanization and Marginalization of Refugee Camps in Lebanon —
S. Perdigon, Bachelors' Corniche : Transnationality and the Unmaking of Intimacy among Palestinian Youths in Jal al-Bahr, South Lebanon —
N. Puig, "Welcome to the Camps" : The Emergence of Palestinian Rap in Lebanon, a New Social and Political Song —
L. Khalili, Palestinians : The Politics of Control, Invisibility, and the Spectacle.

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